Malik Legal Solutions


A Civil Litigation Firm


If you need a litigation attorney, things usually aren’t going well. We understand that, and our goal is to be part of the solution, not the problem.
Maneuvering through litigation can feel like putting a 3,000-piece puzzle together without the box cover to show you what the finished puzzle should look like. With the right approach, however, the pieces come together to tell a clear and persuasive story.

Litigation is equal parts art and science. A systematic approach is important – operating within the framework of the rules and your judge’s preferences is a must. But, equally important, effective advocacy requires persuasive writing, simplifying complex issues, and strategic and creative problem solving.
Malik Legal Solutions is dedicated to collaborating with you to achieve your litigation goals. We have tried and litigated cases across a wide range of practice areas and industries, in state and federal district courts, courts of appeals, arbitrations, and administrative proceedings.
We’re able to assist you, whether you’re an individual, entrepreneur, family-owned business, or multi-national corporation. Each case is unique and we understand how to devote our resources to meet your individual needs.